Rocket Babe - Dust Storm sci-fi by Stephen R. DeArman

Rocket Babe - Dust Storm sci-fi by Stephen R. DeArman

A story of aliens, space, rockets, fighting men and a beautiful woman like the girl next door. All laced with dark intrigue, humor and love

Rocket Babe - Dust Storm is the first in a series of classic 1950's style science fiction tales that detail an alternate and darker side of the driving force for NASA and the Apollo Space Program. In an action-packed saga seeded with government conspiracy, aliens, astronauts and warships tied to actual historical events, the reader will discover the next step in man’s journey into space has already taken place covertly in order to prevent the world’s population from mass panic and self destruction.

The fight to end many years of alien abductions will require a different way of thinking and the rapid adaptation and development of new technologies. As a new breed of soldier emerges, The Deep Space Strike Force finds its greatest asset is a beautiful and brilliant young woman, Captain Verna Starr. Fearless, skilled and intellectually advanced beyond all others, she will not be focused on scientific discovery but on mankind’s very survival.

As the crew of the U.U.S. PANDORA drives toward victory and an end to the alien terror, they discover that the climax of one era is the beginning of the next and an even greater threat.

Early reviews of Rocket Babe say it is fun light reading and hard to put down.

Many of the events and characters of this novel are based on real people and actual historical events. For more information and insight into Rocket Babe Dust Storm, the characters and what is to come, visit the character reference page Rocket Babe Dust Storm at   or Rocket Babe Dust Storm on facebook.