Bothers: Powers of The Archangel Michael - Kindle Ebook by Tekeyla Friday

Maya yanks the blankets out from under Gage and scrambles into be with him. "I'm scared, Ga ge," she says. "The Bothers are back!"
Gage yawns, and turns on the light. "Why are you scared, Maya. You know the Bothers can't hurt you."
It's so hard to sleep when your room is full of invisible people and Maya just wants them to go away. Gage decides to teach her about the powerful Archangel Michael who can vacuum the Bothers up.

Written by Tekeyla Friday and illustrated by Brent Herbert Mackinnion this children's picture book comes to life to teach both parents and children about the Archangel Michael and how he can help children fall asleep fast. This book was written for all the children who have Bothers that they don't know what to do with.