Last Assault on Oak Island by Jenn Rekka

For 200 years treasure hunters came with high hopes to Nova Scotia's Oak Island in search of alleged pirate, Templar, or some other unknown entity's buried treasure. Every time, hunters left with broken dreams and drained bank accounts. Some even lost their lives.

With the Money Pit's 200th anniversary shining a spotlight on rival treasure hunting operations' empty years of hunting, museum curator Carlos Sheldon and his student assistant Lauren Gates' visit to the island's lighthouse keeper is met with suspicion. Keeping a low profile, the team takes on the centuries-old mystery, armed with a British admiral's wartime journal, hoping it includes the magical "X" to the island's elusive treasure. Unwelcome and under scrutiny, Dr. Sheldon and Lauren tread a thin line as they decipher the journal. With hostile eyes watching the lighthouse, every movement is scrutinized.

Escalating debts and backers pulling out funding makes desperation to find a treasure -- any treasure -- outweigh reason for one treasure hunter. At the rival drilling camp, the island deals out a deft insult.

For Dr. Sheldon and Lauren, time is short and timing becomes everything.