Captured (The Sultan's Toy Book 1) - kindle ebook by Olivia Outlaw

Welcome to the Isle of Bliss. It’s a tropical paradise populated only by people who put love first.  All of its residents have given up their worlds to gain the right to live in a place where breaking the rules makes the rules and where judgment and scorn are as foreign as the desire to leave.  The historical erotic romances by Olivia Outlaw are set in the Isle of Bliss – though it doesn’t yet exist at the time the first book begins.  That first book is Captured (The Sultan’s Toy Book 1) and it introduces the world to Ring and Ali.

Captured tells what happens when a Junior Sultan acquires a new “toy” that turns out to be an English Duke.  Two worlds that should never have met collide with the kind of explosive force that can do nothing but destroy two men’s lives, forcing them to choose between the rules that say they can never be together and the force that says they can never survive apart. It’s the kind of union that can only thrive in a place that doesn’t yet exist.

Be warned – Ring and Ali are adult men whose romantic relationship is an unexpected complication of the grown up games played by a Sultan who enjoys men more than he should and a Duke who never expected to enjoy men a’tall. The tale is designed to carry the reader along for the journey. If you’re a wild child, or just wild-at-heart, check this one out.

AUTHOR INFORMATION:  Olivia Outlaw is a pen name for Mary Anne Graham whose Website, Facebook and Twitter handle can all be found by searching “Quacking Alone.”  She’d rather not quack alone though so come on over and quack along with her!