Chemical [se]X - Kindle ebook by Oleander Plume

Jane and Wyatt are two scientists who work in the new products division of the Acme Confectionary and Drain Cleaner Company. Their task? Create a chocolate truffle that contains a very powerful herbal aphrodisiac plucked from the Brazilian rain forest. The story, written by Oleander Plume, starts of this unique erotic collection with a bang.

[1] idea + [13] writers = [an anthology like no other]

What makes this collection of stories so original? Oleander Plume asked 12 of her writer friends to create a sequel to her original story that answered the question – “What would happen if Jane and Wyatt’s creations were released to the public?”
The answer? 13 sexy stories that are guaranteed to leave you with a delicious taste in your mouth. Besides Oleander’s original piece, this collection of delectable treats includes:

The Connection by Jade A. Waters – A married couple use the special truffles to turn their sex life from stagnant to sizzling. (f/m)

[du]X by Dario Dalla Lasta – Two sexy men, a roller disco, and duck shaped truffles mingle to create a delightful sex romp. (m/m)

Bittersweet by Malin James - One bite of chocolate encourages a bored submissive to turn the tables on her dominant lover. (f/m)

The Dinner Guest by Tabitha Rayne – A couple’s reunion with an old college friend turns into a threesome that will leave you breathless. (f/m/m)

Thursday Threesome/Birthday Foursome by Jacob Louder – Curtis’ birthday wish for a foursome comes to fruition when a special box of candy is shared between couples. (f/f, m/m, f/m)

Chocolate Covered by F. Leonora Solomon – Office sex of the sweetest kind takes place after Lotte and her boss share a tasty treat. (f/m)

Flat Warming by Exhibit A – Old friends turned new flat mates find their hunger can only be satisfied by each other. (m/m)

The Commute by C. E. Hansen – A young married couple imbibe on the truffles while waiting for their train. Do they make it home? (f/m)

Dinner for Three by L. Maretta – Dessert leads to something tastier for one woman, her husband, and her husband’s handsome boss. (f/m/m)

Friendly Neighborhood Drug Dealer by Ella Dawson – A young collegiate samples a friend’s wares, then gives him a taste. (f/m)

The Stranger by Tamsin Flowers - A stranger in town, a quiet woodshed, and a mysterious box are the ingredients for this sultry tale. (f/m)

Coffee Break by Oleander Plume – Two young contractors discover the fancy gold box in the mayor’s kitchen doesn’t contain the coffee they were expecting. (m/m)

The Alleged Savage by Annabeth Leong closes the book in a dramatic finish, with her futuristic novella about repressed lust. (f/m, f/f)

Once you dip into this assorted mix and find your favorite flavor, you will find yourself reaching for just…one…more.