Dangerous Relations: Seducing The Billionaire - kindle ebook by Mary Anne Graham


What’s better than seducing a billionaire?  Seducing a billionaire in Myrtle Beach.

Sun. Sand. Paradise.

With all that, it’s easy to forget that Myrtle Beach is smack in the middle of the Bible Belt. Hotel magnate Alix Angelis sure enough forgot that.  He really forgot it – but then, he was pretty busy divorcing the Belle Bitch he wed to avoid a family fate of marrying for love.  They had that in common – both of them married for love that had nothing to do with romance.  She loved his bank account and he loved her not being his fated love. Wouldn’t it figure that in trying to avoid his fate he’d run smack into it?  And worse yet, his fate had to be Rachel, his soon-to-be ex wife’s far too young half-sister.

The complications of all that would be story enough – but this book takes place at the most treacherous of all spots:  the intersection of love and the law.  The story opens in the middle of Alix’s divorce where we learn that messing around on a billionaire can really mess up a divorce settlement. After he’s free, Alix plans to take it slow with Rachel to allow her to grow up and mature.  But Rachel hasn’t been a child for a long time and she demands a full-fledged adult relationship.  After she gets it, Alix finds himself locked up for a Southern fried felony that her testimony could defeat – if only she wasn’t suddenly missing.

Sit through the felony trial along with an avid television audience and find out whether the billionaire got seduced or screwed.  

AUTHOR INFORMATION:  Mary Anne Graham is a practicing attorney who knows a thing or two about Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, the Bible Belt and the actual SC Statute involved in the book. As herself, Mary Anne writes contemporary and historical romances and as Olivia Outlaw, she writes historical erotic romances.  Her Website, Facebook and Twitter handle can all be found by searching “Quacking Alone.”  She’d rather not quack alone though so come on over and quack along with her!