Everyone Keeps Secrets - kindle ebook by Katherine Greyson


In the picture-perfect community of Stony Creek hides a web of lies, passions, and secrets that simmer beneath the surface of small-town America. At the center of our story is young Simplicity Kendall, a girl whose life is anything but simple. She’s a modern-day, white-knight heroine whose sharp wit and inquisitive nature often lead her into perilous straits. Her dangerous adventures begin when she meets a handsome, mysterious young man who turns her world upside down—literally. Unable to resist a good mystery, she’s drawn to the enigmatic puzzle shrouded in a black leather jacket. However, when one turns over a rock, one never knows what they’ll find—a buried treasure or a poisonous snake. Desperate to protect his family, the young man is willing to risk life and limb to keep his riddled past a secret.
Surrounding our young heroine is an ensemble of family and friends each concealing their own dark secrets. Masks peel away and buried pasts are exposed as the sheltered walls of Stony Creek begin to crumble.

I looked down the sheer fifty-foot drop into the deep, churning waters below. As my heart pounded, I tried to remain calm. One misstep now and a torturous death would end my life. Trapped between him and the water, I agonized how to escape, but the menacing arch of his brow and fierce stance made it clear—do not cross him. I knew this was my last chance, but before I could act, he moved smoothly toward me like a shark in the water. Staring into his foreboding eyes that reflected his murderous gaze a shiver raced up my spine.