FALLOUT: An Austin Cole Novel - kindle ebook by Bill F. Selvidge


They think he’s just a country hick, a cowboy from Texas, but they’ll soon find out there is so much more to THIS cowhand than meets the eye. Other’s will be glad there is. Austin Cole has been hiding in plain sight for years. Well, maybe running away is a better term, but now, after his brother, Nick, mysteriously disappears, he realizes he can’t hide anymore and there’s nowhere else to run except to find him. His search for his missing brother will lead him on an action-packed-adventure filled with intrigue and suspense, and a rather serendipitous discovery of a suspicious weapon, long thought to have been destroyed, could result in one possibly disastrous outcome.  His best hope in coming out of this alive comes in the form of a beautiful, yet lethal Chinese MSS Agent whose presence in the U.S. has not gone unnoticed by the N.S.A. Together, the ‘cowboy and the Asian beauty are in a race against time, the NSA and deadly arms dealers.  – FALLOUT, the first of the Austin Cole Novel series is filled with intriguing questions, sudden plot twists and unanswered mysteries that will leave you anxiously awaiting the next book in the series.