Forever Dolls - Kindle ebook by Ci'Monique Green

Being a caregiver to a dear friend dying of breast cancer last year birthed the genesis of Forever Dolls. Watching her life fade from up-close really caused me to ponder the 20-year sojourn of our friendship. When she was gone, I thought of how meaningful it would be to have a doll created in the likeness of someone you loved and lost. So, it is this gift that my protagonist, Verona Pierce, extends to those who enter her little doll shop.

Forever Dolls isn’t an ordinary romance. Instead, it is a stirring tale about an endearing woman who uses her craft to bring healing to others – while she herself can use a lasting embrace to her heart above all.


            My inner chastening makes me think of what Tammy said last night. Even in her dramatic lunacy, she’s definitely the more stable one of the two of us when it comes to relationships. She and Dave have been happily married for twenty-nine years. They had five years of just the two of them before they started having children, and they still act like honeymooners. Their five boys are all good kids. In fact, their oldest, Charlie Joe, is finishing his Master’s degree in marine biology at Duke right now.

            And me? I’m an overweight divorced woman who never went to college.

            I’ve been sleeping on the same abandoned bed for eleven years and haven’t dared let anyone disturb that. What kind of fool would I be to consider that now? To consider that with...

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