Holly Bristol Spirit Hunter - The New, Paranormal, Young Adult Novella by Jennifer Lang Boehl


I wasn’t expecting to spend my summer vacation with my dad and his clan of paranormal investigators.  I’d already made plans to run around with my friends, go to parties, and lay on the beach until dusk.  When my mom received an opportunity to teach summer courses at the University of Buffalo, I knew my plans were going to change.
When sixteen-year-old Holly Bristol learns that she'll be spending the next six weeks on a southern plantation with her dad and his team of paranormal investigators her summer vacation is ruined. Only after she falls in love with Ryan, a young hunter, do her circumstances begin to look up. After Holly befriends some ghostly siblings from the mansion's past, she must uncover the truth to save them from the evil that has entrapped them. The paranormal entities she encounters will unravel the path to their salvation and force her to unveil the curtain between the living and the dead. Only then will they all be free.

Holly Bristol: Spirit Hunter is the first novella in a brand new series that follows the adventures of a teenage girl and her journey into the paranormal world.

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