Honor: a novella - kindle ebook by Chasie Noble


Honor will be available free on Amazon on 11/21/2014 and again on 12/26/2014.


Honor Ellis is a bookworm, to say the least. She adores good fictional characters and the lives they live.

For her own life, though, she is content simply sitting in her small apartment and living vicariously through the characters in whatever book she might be reading at the moment.

It is only until one day while at work she realizes that maybe she wasn't as happy as she thought; that day was the day she met Osric. She had never opened up to someone like she did with him. She finds herself doing things totally out of character, and finally finds herself living. It is as if she found her happy ever after.

That was until Osric shares something with her that he had never told anyone before. Honor is faced with a tough decision. Will she get her happy ending after all?