Hyperforce - Kindle EBook By Ralph L. Angelo Jr.


In one day, a visitor from beyond the stars will trigger  an event that will change  the course of history. This visitor will usher in the age of heroes for the Earth and its people. This will come to be known as the beginning of the age of Hyperforce!

From across the globe, as well as the stars themselves, come the untried newcomers who will join forces and through trial and error become a unique team of super powered adventurers and heroes.  Forged in the crucible of an alien attack, and then continually faced with earth-born threats that only escalate in severity, these unique individuals will have to learn to work as a unit, a team if they are to survive what is to come.

As relevant as the block buster films featuring Super-Heroes that dominate the summer movie season, Hyperforce is an adrenaline junkies thrill ride filled to overflowing with larger than life Super-heroes and their adventures.

Thrill to the very first action packed volume with Captain Power, Solaron, Dragonfly, Silver Shadow, Creature, Starbolt, and Stryker as they become the soon to be legendary Super-Hero team Hyperforce!