The Babylonian - A Bible-based historical novel by Allen Ray Newton

Biblical characters come alive as Kasher, a young Mesopotamian man, finds himself on a journey to Babylon, experiencing firsthand the constant struggle between the gods and The God as he serves the great king Nebuchadnezzar II.

            The year is 596 B.C.
            Kingdoms and empires rise and fall, carrying men along with the inexorable insistence of a vast desert storm. Kasher, a young Mesopotamian man, determines to become a part of the empire of the great Nebuchadnezzar II, only to find himself on the battlefield not only of men, but of the gods.
            What do the great symbols of Babylon - lions, dragons, gods and demi-gods - really mean: or are they merely for show?
            His journey is one of mysticism, treachery and love. The world in which he moves is filled with symbolism, rivalry and beauty.
            His true quest, however, reaches much deeper - into his own soul.

"I'm a fan of fiction based on history, and this is one of the best examples of that genre I've ever read. "

"Everything took shape for me as I read the book. "

"From the first page, this is a great easy to read novel. I will buy it as a gift for older teens as well as adults that love history. I appreciate the history throughout the book and the author does a great job of painting a visual on each page!"

            Historical facts are seamlessly intertwined with storytelling to create a compelling tale. Several who have read the book have commented that there were many things they did not see coming. I hope you enjoy the book; watch out for the twists and turns!
             Without being ‘preachy’, the message of the Bible and the truth about the spiritual struggle for the souls of men is presented throughout the book. Kasher is given as an example of how that struggle plays out in the heart of the individual as Truth is given to him by both explanation and demonstration.