The Dream Map - Kindle ebook by Jason Luthor

Two Worlds. On Legend.

Max can't seem to do anything right. His grades are miserable, his social life is non-existent, and the only friend he can seem to keep around is his genius accomplice, Heidi. Max hides from the world by keeping his fingers writing and his eyesballs stuck between the pages of his favorite novels. That all changes the day a wealthy and mysterious individual known as Geoff enters the local book store, claiming that beyond the world Max has known are many more.

When an explosive laboratory accident rips apart the threads holding reality together, Max finds himself with the power to enter the fantasy maps of the books he sees. Thrust into the world of LaGuna, he discovers an ancient kingdom teetering on the edge of destruction. Threatened by a slumbering evil, the kingdom has realized that its ancient myths may indeed be real. The ancient and legendary Sorcerer's War seem now to be true and, if so, only the long vanished dragons can help LaGuna survive the wrath of the awakening Sorcerer Ansgar. Max finds himself searching for the truth as he voyages to the end of the world, where the souls of dead men go. Accompanied by Heidi and a flame throwing princess named Katherine, he'll search for aid in the coming battle. Braving pirates, raging storms, ethereal cliffs that guard the edges of the world, and a dark castle so ancient that none remember its origin, Max will find his greatest weapons are the friends he keeps at his side.