The Ebola Wars: The Chronicles of Brother Eustace - kindle ebook by Alfredo Ramirez

In 1935, Himmler and other Nazi leaders founded the Ahnenerbe, later known as "The Ancestral Heritage Research and Teaching Society," to find the origins of the Aryan Race and link it to the German heritage.  This institute funded countless archaeological expeditions.  Its true mission was to find the remains of a Fallen Angel and distill from it the most powerful weapon of mass-destruction: a rapidly mutating virus unknown to humankind.  They found a cave in Iceland.  After WWII ended, the US and UK military, after inspection of the cave, decided to seal it and forbid any further excavation in the area.  It was located somewhere near Rútshellir or Rútur's Cave, the name used up to this day to falsely identify it.  In 1975, Fidel Castro sends troops to support the Marxist-Leninist MPLA uprising in Angola.  A splinter group begins operations in Congo and Egypt, United States, The Vatican, and Israel suspect foul play.  A deadly virus is decimating the population.  Its virulence poses a serious threat to humankind.  In a race against time and supernatural forces, these nations unite to stop this terrible experiment.  This is how The Ebola Wars started.


My acquaintance with Brother Eustace began many years ago, before the 1970’s first Ebola outbreak in Congo.  I hope you will understand that so many years have passed that some of the memories are not as solid as they used to be.  I mainly rely on my notes and the notes of the people I mention in this writing, because, to my fortune, almost all of them kept logs, diaries, and notes about this extraordinary tale.  In addition, Cardinal Cavicchioni was able to “collect” valuable information from almost all the sources, foreign governments and The Elders included.  All this is to say that, yes, as far as detailed information necessary to reconstruct events, I have been blessed by multiple and very reliable sources.

However, I want to give you some background about Brother Eustace.  At the time of the events, he was a distinguished scholar, his expertise in communicable diseases well known and respected.  He was also a true Champion of The Roman Catholic Church.  His exploits are extensively documented and are taught to the Holy Warriors within The Church and, with some modifications, in almost all war schools and special operations training.  This is one of the earliest events in a rather formidable life.  When I met Brother Eustace, he came across as a scientist.  Deep down, however, laid a deeply religious man, almost a fanatic, who had very simple ideas about The Faith, and clung to them in the simplest of terms: to him, they were The Absolute Truth.  This had a very interesting effect on his actions: it left him completely free of doubt about them and its consequences, and allowed him to be most efficient in his trade.  You be the judge.  He never had any qualms about the violence in which he dwelled or dispensed, the persecution and obliteration of the “enemies of My Church”, as he used to say, or the support, love, and commiseration he gave to all that were weak, abandoned, destitute.  He could be a father, a brother, and a lion.  He could risk his life for a sick woman in Mumbai or a mutilated child in Niger.  His compassion was unbounded, but also his capacity to destroy, literally.  I have thought long and hard before writing this document.  I started with the conviction that prodigious tales should be told, just for the record, and it ended in me becoming a biographer of Brother Eustace.  Such is the force of his personality.  As I wrote in another document, “The Holy Vial,” I have information about his extraordinary life, which I will be presenting to you, my dear reader, when the time is ripe.  Many a death is still in our memories, and many a mourner is looking for revenge.