The Greatest Love - kindle ebook by Angela J. Leigh

New Author Joins Ranks of Top Female Thriller Writers

Among the top twenty currently best-selling Christian suspense novels on, fourteen are by female authors.

Thrillers and suspense fiction have long been man’s territory, with mostly male writers and male protagonists. It is great to see these female writers and their heroines finally coming to the forefront, and bringing with them a new level of emotional depth and spiritual insight.

In “The Greatest Love,” translator Grace Aslen escapes a bombing at the Palasian embassy in London but then plunges back in to aid survivors. Lauded as a heroine and dubbed the “Angel of Pennant Square,” she is hounded by the press and finds herself running with nowhere to hide—until she is taken under the wing of a powerful pastor who protects her from the media magnate who seeks to uncover her dark past and the sinister figures that stalk her day and night. If Grace is to free herself, she must unravel the conspiracy surrounding her and come to terms with the sins of her past no matter what the peril.
About the Author
Angela J. Leigh is a world traveler who lived on several different continents as a child due to her father’s profession and as an adult through her own work with an international airline and the South Korean embassy in London. After spending more than a decade in the United Kingdom, she now splits her time between there and South Korea.