The Journey of Joseph Winter - kindle ebook by John Anthony

Joseph’s story is a very personal one for me. It was inspired by the many stories and memories I would hear my extended family discuss every Christmas. What started as a simple short story back in 2002 has grown into this magical Christmas novel I’m incredibly proud to share with you.

The Journey of Joseph Winter is a heartwarming holiday story in the tradition of It’s a Wonderful Life and A Miracle on 34th Street.

Joseph Winter is a good and gentle man, but he carries with him the pain and regret of a childhood mistake.

When a package mysteriously arrives on his doorstep, he is invited on a trek that defies logic.

Traveling far from his quaint home in St. Paul into the snowy landscapes of the Arctic, the journey takes him in search of the one man who may be able to help him find peace—Santa Claus.