The Nectar Fields - A tragic story of slavery by Johnathon Major

Butterflies have been brought from all over the world to the nectar plantations of the Southwest Plaines. There, under the relentless watch of the bees, they are worked until they die or, worse, get sent to the hive.

The Nectar Fields is an allegorical novella exploring the traumatic and surprising effects of slavery on individual lives, told through the narrative of the butterflies on Mr Bairon's farm in the year that changed everything. During a parched summer harvest, an unexpected visit from the depraved socialite Mister Bradford plunges the farm into new depths of darkness.

In the midst of twisted seductions, savage tempers and the choking heat, the butterflies find themselves subjected to formidable challenges and impossible choices, through which they will all discover for themselves how deadly having hope can be.