View From the Sixth Floor: An Oswald Tale - kindle ebook by Elizabeth Horton-Newton

A tale of possibilities, of mysteries unsolved, and questions unanswered.
Do we ever really know our neighbors? Imagine living next door to someone for fifteen years and never knowing they had a deep secret; something so shocking it could impact an entire country.
Retired school teacher Olivia Roberts loses her husband to a heart attack; her grown son's both live far from the home they all shared as a family. On his deathbed George Roberts encourages his wife and his best friend to depend on one another. A widow in a small community where most of her friends are couples, she is often paired with her late husband’s best friend. In spite of the teasing of friends Olivia denies any romantic relationship with her neighbor Bill Horton. But they share a friendship and grow to rely on one another as older single people often do.

As the anniversary of the assassination of President John Kennedy approaches strangers begin appearing in the small southern town. Meanwhile Olivia decides to travel west to Dallas, Texas to explore the history of the assassination. As she grows more absorbed by the details of the crime her neighbor and friend Bill discourages her from taking the journey. Eventually his concern overcomes his objections and he decides to accompany her to the Texas School Book Depository where accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald supposedly fired the shot that ended Kennedy’s life.

As they travel their relationship develops and details of Bill’s life begin to surface. His behavior as they travel is sometimes strange and at times Olivia is concerned she has gotten in over her head. Learning that her late husband knew the secrets of Bill’s past she is somewhat reassured. As more secrets are revealed even more questions arise. Will she ever learn what those secrets are? How will those secrets impact their growing relationship? And most importantly, can two elderly people find new love in their sunset years?