A Salish Season - A romantic adventure by Corrine Bryant


Jen Swenson is a nurse taking a long-overdue break from her work in a busy oncology clinic in Chicago. Friends have lent her the use of a cabin overlooking the San Juan Islands in northwest Washington State. When an unconscious stranger falls through her kitchen door, Jen enters a new world of natural beauty, scientific discovery, and intimate romance. The man who fell through her door is Andrew Burrows, an independent researcher studying killer whale communications from his sailboat, Liafail. Both Jen and Andrew feel an instantaneous connection, but the potential for unbridled romance is dampened by emotional losses each has endured. Encouraged by the passionate relationship they begin ashore, Jen joins Andrew on his voyages aboard Liafail amongst the islands, coves, and bays of the San Juan Archipelago. Together, they begin to uncover new and fascinating aspects of orca communications while pushing the limits of passion and pleasure. Their discovery that Andrew’s injury was likely not an accident introduces a more sinister backdrop to both their nautical and romantic journey.