Breech Baby - a novel by Ed Ryan

Being born upside down should give you a leg up, right?

Bryan is a 12 year-old foster child who fosters a child of his own, an alternate personality which helps him cope with his disturbing past and navigate the absurd present.  Born of a delivery so traumatic it would be the envy of any UPS driver, Bryan is bounced around from home to home until he finally settles with a rich couple on Long Island.

Abnormally intelligent, he completes a college curriculum before reaching puberty. Now his parents want to showcase their child prodigy by sending him away for more schooling. Afraid they will not survive higher education, Bryan and his secret friend contrive an escape plan which will lead them to the top of broadcasting capital of the world. The problem is; only one of them will survive.

When the time comes, can these two best Freudian friends separate after having been together for so long?

BREECH BABY is a story of love, forgiveness, and multiple self realizations.

Kindle version currently $1.99 at Amazon.


"The language and wordplay make it an absolute pleasure to read."
"Sharp and tender and full of soul."
"Can at once make you smile, then gasp."
"A welcome antidote to long but empty."
"A delirious literary trip."
"Freud meets P.J. O'Rourke."