Free to Be - a memoir by Kaleesha Williams

Free to Be: How I Went From Unhappily Married Conservative Bible Believer to Happily Divorced Atheistic Humanist in One Year and Several Complicated Steps

KDP Select free dates: 12/15/14 - 12/16/14

It’s a wonderful and precious thing to wake up one day and realize you are free to be whomever you want to be, whatever you want to be, free to fashion your life as you see fit. This is the story of how my life unfolded during the first year of my freedom from religion; a travel log, of sorts; a play by play of the life of an inquisitive, rural-living, life-enjoying, but unhappily married, homeschool mom taking back the reins and spurring her life in a new direction, seven children in tow.

How would your life change if you studied the Bible to its natural conclusion? What thoughts would stir the first time you viewed the universe through a telescope and felt your insignificance? How would you answer age-old questions about morality? What if you found you were running out of reasons to remain in a deeply unsatisfying marriage? What if you woke up for the first time in years with hope on the horizon and a plate full of difficult decisions?

Well, this is my story. Join me as I observe, explore and question the world with a mind free of religion for the first time, drawing on strength I hadn’t known was within me all along.