Grumpy Old Wizards - A Fantasy by John O'Riley

For the most part, category six wizard, Josephine O’Connor, enjoys the retired life. Who wouldn’t like starting off the day with a good game of cards among lifelong friends, enjoying the Florida sun, and residing just a few minutes away from a white sandy beach? Unfortunately, life can’t be all fun and games. When Josephine is called in to help with a series of murders involving dark magic, she knows it won’t be easy. The killer covers his tracks very well and destroys virtually all trace of psychometric energy which makes the crime scene unreadable – even for a talent such as Josephine.
By all rights, she shouldn’t be forced to contend with this case. After all, she’s a retired eighty-four-year-old and she can hardly be blamed for having a beautiful body akin to a woman in her mid-twenties. It’s just one of the perks of being a rare category six. Soon, her problems pile up to insurmountable odds as the killer grows stronger, Detective Riley pesters her for a quick resolution to this challenging case, and her obnoxious neighbor starts harassing her just because she looks too young to live in a retirement community.

Praise For Grumpy Old Wizards:

"I love mysteries so I was prepared to really enjoy reading Grumpy Old Wizards. What I wasn’t prepared for was to totally fall in love with this book. The characters are fun and interesting. There are a lot of twists and turns in the story to keep you wanting more and more. But, the most entertaining part of the book is the pranks they play on Dale and Josephine’s ex husband. I haven’t giggled while reading a book in a long time but this one definitely did it.” Review left by Ellen P. Lafleche-Christian on Amazon.

"Fresh and original story with finally a refreshing and more real view on "eternal youth" in which physical eternal teenager beauty does not correspond to eternal teenager in the mind. I really enjoyed it greatly. Also a great storyline, good plot, and really really interesting characters all around.” Review left by Mirba on Amazon.

"This is book one in the "Grumpy Old Wizards" series. Josephine and her best friends, Helen and Alice, live in a retirement community near Siesta Key, Florida. They spend their days, well most of them, drinking coffee, playing cards and playing enchanted pranks on their annoying neighbor Dale. Life seems great until a serial killer comes to town and, Josephine, a level six wizard is called in to consult on the case. Will Josephine be able to solve the case before it's too late? What part does the vortex in Siesta Key play?

"Grumpy Old Wizards" is a funny page turning mystery. Even though I was able to solve the case long before the end of the story, I kept reading to see what prank these three women would play next. I loved Josephine spirited attitude, she was quite a woman to reckon with. If you like cozy mysteries or mysteries with good humor mixed, in then this is the book for you.” Review left by Simone Lilly-Egerter on Amazon.