Ify - A Romantic Thriller By Emmy Boy


When Vincent embarked on a journey to Lagos for a job interview and meets a pretty young lady by the name Ify in the bus, little did he know that he was on a journey that will shake up his entire being.

Their coming together was purely accidental but it gave birth to a very promising and sizzling romantic relationship for both of them.

She found him so interesting. She thought he was the ONE. She wanted him to be the ONE.


There was a big problem. He’s a player. It was just a matter of time before he gets bored and with her leaves—like he has always done in the past—to so many women.

And so when he finally did, he left her completely heartbroken and shattered because she never saw it coming.

But somehow, he found himself completely unable to leave her. He became distraught and confused which affected his psyche so terribly.

So torn in between being committed to his player lifestyle or giving love a chance, Vincent does the unimaginable!

This story which sets in Nigeria contains lots and lots of vividly descriptive thrilling events, interesting twists, and of course, just about the right amount of sex!