Lady Oak Abroad - a fantasy by Glenda Goertzen

If you like your fantasy offbeat and unpredictable—and not all cluttered up with vampires, werewolves*, and zombies—join Audrey O’Krane in her quest to save Aunt Ellen and the universe.

The first year of the new millennium has not been kind to Audrey O’Krane. She’s been dumped, expelled, and run over by a bus. She firmly believes the planet Earth is a hopeless ruin; her personal life even more so. She longs to discard both and start over … and then she does. When her wacky old aunt disappears from their front yard, Audrey finds herself hurtling across an array of fantastic overlapping worlds. In order to retrieve her aunt, Audrey teams up with a little princess who literally refuses to grow up, an exiled prince in pursuit of the princess, an outlaw mage in pursuit of vengeance, and an overzealous warrior in pursuit of the mage. Audrey is thrilled to swap Earth for a multi-quest adventure, but she’s not quite done with it yet. Her new companions’ beautiful home world hides a terrible secret, and only Audrey has the ability to prevent it from destroying everything she loves. With this much pressure, she certainly doesn’t need the added complication of a romantic entanglement with the quirky and mysterious Keirt. Unfortunately, Impulse Control hasn’t been very reliable lately. Fortunately, Audrey has powerful new magic to help her cope. Unfortunately, the local psychotic power mongers have learned of her magic and will stop at nothing to cross “Kidnap and exploit Audrey O’Krane” off their To Do lists…

*Okay, there’s a werecat, but she’s very cool.

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