Mental Damnation: Dream by Konn Lavery

Embark on a mixed tale of a fantasy-enriched land accompanied by the horrifying chills of hell compacted into one girl’s dreams.

This girl, Krista, is a young reptilian humanoid who has been diagnosed with a disease known as Mental Damnation, the cause of the night terrors. In this dream-hell known as Dreadweave Pass an imprisoned god known as the Weaver claims he needs her blood as the final key to break free from his prison and claim vengeance upon the heavens who banished him.
Stepping back into reality, a human doctor named Alsroc Lithius has studied Mental Damnation for years in hopes of a cure. Krista happens to be the first non-human recorded to have the disease, could she be a key to finding a remedy? He is accompanied by a man named Paladin who is ill at ease about them caretaking Krista due to the humans and reptilians unpleasant history with each other. What would her people do if they discovered they were keeping custody of her?
Time is running short for Dr. Alsroc to save Krista, as once you have been diagnosed with Mental Damnation, the life expectancy is only two weeks before the disease consumes its victim. Or in Krista’s dreams, before the Weaver finds her!