Murder in the Past Tense - a mystery by E.E. Kennedy

When 15-year-old Amelia tried out for summer stock theater, she knew that the experience would be, in her word, "magic." What she didn't know was that somewhere in all the singing and dancing, the stage was being set for a brutal homicide to be committed decades later. Now, she and husband Gil search their memories for the moment when the magic turned to murder.

Who could have possibly wanted to kill leading man Danny diNicco after all this time?

Could it have something to do with the mysterious disappearance of the lovely ingenue, Janey?

As the hours tick down to the birth of their first child, Gil and Amelia must pull back the curtain on long-hidden secrets before they are forced to play a real-life death scene. Author E.E. Kennedy has not only crafted a clever mystery puzzle set in New York State’s beautiful Adirondack region, but has wrapped the story in a original musical play--complete with song lyrics--taken from O. Henry’s immortal short story, “The Last Leaf.”

Theater lovers will enjoy these authentic backstage glimpses of musical theater and the
down-the-years intrigue in this cozy whodunnit that Christian author Stephanie Reed called,
"...a smart, funny, tender novel.”