The Beautiful Angel - A Christmas Love Story by David Ho

If you enjoy stories such as "A Christmas Carol" or "It's a Wonderful Life", then you will absolutely fall in love with "The Beautiful Angel... A Christmas Love Story", a moving holiday story about compassion, the power of "paying it forward" and how the best presents are not ones found beneath a tree, but what's found inside our hearts when we open it up.

The story centers around Morgan Stern, a woman in her thirties. She is bright, successful, wealthy, and as Director of Sales for Hightower Health and Fitness, she is making her mark in the Chicago business world. But while she may be wealthy and successful in the material sense, she is spiritually bankrupt and while her life choices have brought her great acclaim and a penthouse apartment, they give her little in the way of deep connections to those around her. She has reached the goals she set for herself years earlier, but at the expense of others for whom she has little regard and less empathy.

Then, on one cold December morning, her past literally collides with her present as she is struck by a car and is seriously, maybe even fatally, injured. In that moment, as Morgan's spirit moves into the Afterlife (Spirit World), she meets the angel who shows her the grim fate that awaits her. Her only hope is to go back into her past to salvage a soul she barely knew.

Morgan accepts her mission and is suddenly thrust back fifteen years into her past, where she finds herself back in high school, where she is popular, athletic and (like all the other popular kids at her school), has a thorough disdain for clumsy, wimpy, four-eyed George Hornsby. George annoys her, is constantly running into her, and for the most part, is useless...

Or so she thinks! Only this time around, Morgan discovers the real George Hornsby: he is bright, ambitious, extremely intelligent, and a devoted son to his widowed mother. He is also a resident of Westside Homeless Shelter, a fact George has managed to hide from his classmates, including Morgan... until now! Following him home one day, Morgan discovers George’s secret, but instead of being disdainful, she now feels a flicker of warmth, and she and George become friends.

As the friendship grows between the two, it comes to light that Westside has lost its funding and within weeks its residents will, once again, be on the streets. Morgan, with her new found sense of compassion, is determined to save the shelter with the help of her classmates. But can the shelter be redeemed? Can her soul be saved?

Spend this holiday season with Morgan, George, Laura and the entire cast of "The Beautiful Angel... A Christmas Love Story", a truly beautiful story with a surprise "twist ending" will touch your hearts and leave you smiling.