Take a Load Off, Mona Jamborski - literary fiction by Joanna Franklin Bell


Meet Mona Jamborski, a 528-pound recluse who hasn't left her apartment in years.

Funny, self-deprecating, but with a short lease on life, Mona has discovered how to have her groceries delivered, her laundry handled, and her garbage removed, all without ever needing to leave or, ideally, speak to anyone. As she loses more and more of herself to her own thoughts and solitude, she must become creative in how she continues to stay alive while opting out of anything considered social interaction, even at her own doorstep. Whiling away the hours on her own, she reflects on her life—wondering sometimes how she got here, understanding in other times how she could have ended up nowhere else.

She is not without a sense of humor about her situation. She's the first to make fun of herself for her habits, her vices, and her increasingly tentative situation.

As her physical discomfort grows, so does her isolation, but she doesn't know how long she can remain self-sufficient. Just standing up from the couch has become not only impossible, but also dangerous. But to reach out for help would require involvement with the outside world, and Mona has firmly shut herself away. She is faced with a decision that she cannot make. She is completely trapped: inside her apartment, inside her body, and inside her own mind.

Until one day, there is a knock at her door, and it's not her scheduled delivery day.

Find out how Mona's life changes in this story of solitude and redemption, family and friendships, loss and love and the human spirit.