The Girl in the Shadows - A Family Drama by Kim O'Shea

Grow up with Grace in rural Ireland as she learns to cope with whatever life throws at her. Laugh or cry along with her at her madcap adventures as her family learns that with Grace around there is never a dull moment.

Grace lives in a crowded cottage with her seven siblings, parents and grandmother. As the youngest of the family, Grace is allowed to get away with things the others never even dreamed of doing. We soon find out that all is not well with Grace but her family refuse to treat her as anything but normal. She is heartbroken to learn that she is different but her family rally round and protect her and stand by her at all times.

Grace's adventures are often hilarious and leave the rest of the family bewildered and confused. Her visits to the priest result in her grandmother's shame at being labelled a heavy drinker even though the poor woman barely touches a drop of alcohol and her attempts at wearing her sister's high heels leave her mother furious and the wardrobe door permanently askew. The mysteries of courting and secret love affairs are beyond her comprehension but she's willing to find out as much as she can with the help of her best friend.

"I am thoroughly enjoying the book..! That little girl Grace is very witty..!"

"just finished reading your wonderful book . A lovely light hearted read . Can't wait for part 2"