The Road of Darkness - A Horror Novel by Zoe Ambler

Addison, just out of her teens in early seventeenth century Louisiana, is the victim of a vampire attack. She is turned.

Unlike most, she embraces it rather than fight it.

Over her long years, she watches mortal man and their ways, fascinated with the evolution of their conflicts. Moving from country to country, war to war, immersed in the bloodshed and destruction.

The road of darkness is a bitter one.

From a deal gone bad with the Voodoo demi-god Baron Samedi to encounters with other supernatural beings. Time brings her heartbreaking loss of would-be love and few triumphs.

The darkness grows.

At the peak of her self destruction in a war torn desert she meets a Slayer bent on saving her rather than destroy her.

What will it take to change the mind, heart and darkness of a former belle of the ball turned beast?