Through the Third Eye - Mystery/Thriller by Bob Frank

This ebook is free because the author knows you will become addicted to the Third Eye Trilogy. After riding the action and twisting turns in Through the Third Eye you will read the next two novels that crescendo. The series is a thought challenger that pulls you into the story - it will make you think about your world.

The 5 star reviewers across 5 continents hit it on the nose:

It's one of those books you can't leave on the table... you have to finish it! I'm a psychologist and I do Past Life Regression ... some of the things written truly happen during the sessions!  Daniela, Italy

Here's the thing: what if the western world's religious figures were all intertwined? What if the Judea-Christian worldview was the result of a few souls being reincarnated over and over for centuries? That's the premise of this excellently researched story about two new age scientists who interview people trying to find the secrets to unfathomable treasure and knowledge. Mohana: Qatar

If you enjoyed the pace of 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' and the unfolding mystery in 'The Da Vinci Code', this is one not to miss. Anjalee: UK

The research was exemplary and the majority of the characters depicted as though one could consider them intimate friends. This was indeed another 'couldn't put downer' which kept me awake until the wee small hours.  Magellan: Australia

Thoroughly enjoyed the book could not put it down. Belinda: South Africa

"I absolutely loved this book. Read it in about three days and then ordered the next one."   Katherine: US