Trail Dust - Western, Action and Adventure with Romance By John Miller

Joshua Brandt cuts ties in Tennessee and goes in search of his brother in the Wyoming Territory. Along the way he finds old friends and new enemies. A Texas judge lets him forge an unlikely team of U.S. Marshals. He leads them against train robbers, land-grabbers, and finds some unexpected ways to bring law, order, and justice to the West. The marshals make their way toward Wyoming and the biggest challenge yet in a town where Joshua will learn the truth about his missing brother and face down men who think nothing can stop their grab for gold and power.


A great book - story line kept me very interested. The characters were just what I dream the "old west" was like!! Loved it all!! Hope John Miller follows it on with another book.

Excellent reading. More PLS

The list price now is 99cents, it was selling for $2.99. This will be on sale until January 1st 2015. The paper back is $9.94 on amazon also. Audio book be out in late January 2015..

 This is a story of trust and friendship in the old west. And it has a slow building romance brewing in the back ground. Age appropriate for all.

 I'm new to advertising my books, so let me know if I did something wrong before you post.. Here is an excerpt from "Trail Dust" if you can add to my books profile.

“I think you need to go outside and get some air, my friend.”
“You’re that marshal everyone is talking about. You would rather talk than fight.”
“I like to keep the peace, you could say.”
The man turned to the other men at the table. “He is a coward with a badge.” He spat, hitting the floor an inch from Joshua’s right boot. The other three men at the table laughed.
“I’m going to ask you again. Go outside and cool off.”
The man stood there boring holes in Joshua with his eyes. Their eyes met for another moment until the man reached for his gun. Joshua drew his Colt from his left holster and pointed it at the man’s chest. He froze and his eyes widened. The man sitting in the middle of the table started to stand slowly. Joshua drew his Colt from his right holster and pointed it at him, without taking his eyes off the man standing.
“There are four of us, and you have both guns spoke for.” said a third man at the table. His face slid from smug to scared when he felt Anna’s Schofield push against the back of his head. The man raised his hands slowly.