Twisted Linen - A prophetic thriller of deception, deceit and faith by C.W. Cook

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I wrote ‘Twisted Linen’ to warn of the coming great deception that we’ll all soon face.  It’s fast-paced conspiracy thriller drawn from modern-day current events, human genetic engineering, and end-times Scripture.  Written for the busy reader, offering short chapters and concise dialog, but the story and underlying messages are sophisticated, terrifying and inspiring.

Kirkus Reviews says Twisted Linen offers "Plotlines with searing twists ... concise and persistent, but best of all, leaves an impact!"

There are appointed times for every event in history, and God proclaimed His warnings using astronomical signs in the heavens.  But Simon has all but given up on the Roman Catholic Church and God.  All he cares about is finding refuge for the angel that brought true and lasting peace into his life, Grace, his alluring wife.

Simon and Grace’s bug-out plans are interrupted when a top raking Cardinal summons Simon to the Papal Office and discloses a diabolical threat against the civilized world.  A modern-day cult called the Golden Dawn plans to use the latest in genetic science to usher in a Final World Order, and Cardinal Genovi demands Simon's help this one last time.  But there are deep fractures in the Church, unexpected betrayals, and dark secrets concealed in Grace's past that hold dire consequences.

From the majestic city of Rome to the picturesque city of San Sebastian, Spain, Simon and Grace race against time to expose the conspiracy behind the cult's insidious agenda.  The situation turns deadly when a kidnapping ensnares Simon and Grace in a net of deception, deceit and divided loyalty. And where it all leads . . .a dark nightmare into the underbelly of the occult with demonic consequences not revealed until the very end.