A Changeling's Tale - a young adult paranormal fantasy by Morgan Kegan


Being the new girl in high school is hard enough without having to hide that you're a faerie.

Siobhan Miller is the new sophomore in her Tennessee hill-country high school - and a faerie changeling. After centuries, the veil separating the human world from Faerie is thinning again, and magic is returning. With that return, Siobhan's Irish faerie heritage has emerged, giving her golden eyes, pointed ears, and feet like a wolf's paws.

With the aid of her best friend Katie and the magical illusion power that cloaks her changed appearance, Siobhan struggles to keep her secret safe while dealing with first love, a jealous rival, and the mean girls clique at school.

Having magic brings both power and responsibility. Siobhan walks a dangerous line between darkness and light as she grows into her new-found abilities.