Attorney at Large by John Ellsworth

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes in a Las Vegas casino? Did you know all the drinks are mixed in one upstairs room and served by gravity flow all across the casino one floor below? Attorney Thaddeus Murfee sues the mob and takes away a casino. Now it belongs to him and he moves into the penthouse to run it.

His estranged sister comes to his casino and begins counting cards. Security tosses her out, she’s followed, and shoots the men behind her. Thaddeus is reunited with his sister when he goes to her side to defend her in the murder case against her. Then an employee of the casino is arrested on drug charges and Thaddeus steps in to defend him. The IRS is busy, meanwhile, and decides to charge Thaddeus himself with tax crimes.

All this through the lens of Thaddeus’ love life, where it appears that he has two women pregnant at the same time.

Join Thaddeus in Las Vegas in this, his third, book. These books have been incredibly well-received and are up to seven now. All are on Amazon best-seller lists. This book, Attorney at Large, has a 4.6 star rating out of 180 Amazon reviews. Out of those 180 reviews, 126 are 4.0 stars, the highest.

You’ll love the escape and quick fun this book gives you. If you don’t know Thaddeus and Katy and Sarai already, now’s your chance. Only 0.99 on sale for one week!

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