Capo: a tale of life in the Mafia - a crime thriller by Michael Donnelly

Capo is a story spanning from the 1960s through to modern day and encapsulates 2 generations of life in the Mafia

Frankie Scalise grows up in the mean streets of the Red Hook section of New York. With him at every step is his 2 best friends, Gianni Leone and Salvatore Tramonti. They are slowly seduced by the lifestyle of the local "wiseguys" and they are taken under the wing of a Capo in the Costanza Family.

Over the years, Frankie soon finds acceptance and as he and his friends become good earners, they are inducted into the Family as "Made members". Frankie is soon forced to make decisions that will question his loyalty and how far he is really willing to go for the Family. Finally becoming a Capo with his own crew of Made members, his lifestyle now has very dangerous implications on his own son.

Capo creates a violent world full of "wiseguys", thieves, undercover FBI officers and murderers. This is a world where the true threat that these men face isn't from impending war between the five New York crime families, but from the paranoid decision of the Don of the Family which may seal someones fate. A fate that could be delivered by their own best friend.