Divine Bloodlines - A YA paranormal romance by Christina Surretsky


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What’s the recipe for a good book? Take a funny, cynical heroine; add the teenage angst, hunky guys and romantic love triangle that made Twilight a must read; subtract the vampires (but keep the special powers); add a large dollop of wit and sarcasm; fold in an assortment of crazy supporting characters; mix with a contemporary flavor and you’ll get Divine Bloodlines, the debut YA novel from author Christina Surretsky.

Sixteen-year-old Zoey Chase is just your average-teenage girl whose social life isn’t exactly what you would call “thriving.” Her social circle consists primarily of Alex, her gay best friend, who’s hoping to finally find a boyfriend this year; Nina, her health-nut mother, who tortures Zoey with her sugar-free, fat-free, organic household; Nona, her off-the-wall grandmother, who wants to write erotic books for senior citizens; and Tony, her grandmother’s transvestite health aide, who enjoys dressing like Cher. And, mostly, that’s the way Zoey likes it.

However, Zoey has a secret that even those closest to her don’t know: she can heal people by touching them. She discovered this power at a young age, but before she could ask her parents about it, her father died, and she was too late to help. How could Zoey possibly tell her mother about her ability to heal when she didn’t save her father?

Between her guilt, and her realization that if her power became public knowledge her life would spiral out of control, Zoey has managed to keep her secret under wraps by keeping her distance from most people. However, all that changes when she meets the hot, mysterious Mason brothers.

When twins Asher and Levi move to town, they shake up more than Zoey’s social life. Surprised by golden-boy Asher’s interest, she agrees to go on a date. However, things don’t go quite as planned and Zoey ends up stranded. Needing to find a way home, it’s Asher’s much despised, menacing, hulk of a brother Levi, who comes to her rescue.

As Zoey grows closer to both brothers, she risks revealing her secret—but in the process she may just discover they have some secrets of their own . . .