Eden Phase Vol.1 by L R Bee


This is a story of a young man, whose life is about to get caught up in the wondrous and horrifying schemes of the angelic creatures of Eden, the Malakim.

In the city of Erelton, Lucas Zerome, a reclusive nineteen year old, only expected to do one thing in his life; the daily grind of work, eat and sleep. To him there's nothing else worth doing. All the while his friends, Lily Valberry, an ambitious business studies student, and Craig Farend, a slacker with a long list of ex-jobs, urge him to be a bit more friendly to others, especially to his childhood friend Amy Corson, a kind, beautiful woman who Lucas is hopelessly, and secretly, in love with. But Lucas makes no attempt, fearing failure and humiliation.

But all that soon changes, and not in the way Lucas and his friends were expecting.

The existence of the Malakim, commonly believed to be called angels, has become obvious to these mortals. And among these powerful creatures is one that is rather twisted and malevolent. His name is Samael, and he has plans that will undoubtedly bring nightmarish suffering to the people of Erelton, and perhaps others outside the city.

Seeing the adversity presented itself to them, Lucas soon becomes acquainted with Sol Andrews, an intelligent mythology fanatic, Nate Isaac, a young man with aggressive tendencies and a foul mouth, and their boss, the mysterious Dr Damien Klaives, who knows more about the nature of the Malakim than any other mortal.

Lucas, his friends and new acquaintances alike, are given powers by Michael and other Malakim to help combat Samael, bring his schemes to an end and save the city.

Lucas never wanted to face the harsh nature of his world. But now that he is forced to face that of other worlds as well, even he must realize that some things aren't a question of willpower or ability; some things just have to be done.

He must realize that evil forces, no matter how powerful or terrifying they are, must be confronted.