Eternal Curse: GIOVANNI’S ANGEL - a paranormal romance by Toi Thomas

He’s not human. He’s not an angel or a demon, but something else beyond the realm of man. She’s a doctor who’s determined to classify him and discover his origin and all his secrets, but perhaps she’ll discover something within herself along the way.

Giovanni is a man carved out of stone with skin like ash after a fire who lives in seclusion out in the wilderness. Mira is a late twenties, thirtyish black doctor from the city in search of a quest that will take her beyond the limits of human anatomy.

When she dreams comfort and understanding abounds, but when he dreams his nightmares become reality and he’s not able to control the devastating consequences. One day Giovanni and Mira will share a dream that change their lives and there will be no turning back.

In the end, it will all boil down to one ageless battle; the struggle between good, evil, and all the powers of Heaven and Hell.

Described as Beauty and the Beast meets Jekyll and Hyde, this story is filled with themes of destiny, war, blessings, curses, discrimination, religion, love, and hope, all encompassed in an epic paranormal tale with fantasy, science fiction, romance, and Biblical influences.