Foreshadowed - a young adult urban fantasy by Holly M. Campbell

She can't avoid the dark forever.

Amazon customer reviews for Foreshadowed:

"...once I started, I couldn't put it down!"

"Suspense at it's best..."

"In short, if you're looking for a quick read with a little mystery, humor, danger, intrigue, impending-doom---with a taste of a sweet and innocent romance on the side, you should read this book. Just read it on a day that you don't have much going on, because I promise you that it's hard to put down once you're hooked."

Hope Murdoch was born dead. She took a breath two minutes later, and now is an almost-normal sixteen-year-old. Normal: a hopeless crush on the boy next door, a negative body image, and a (mis)diagnosis of ADHD. Not-so-normal: an exhausting and distracting ability to read minds. And high school is hard enough without hearing what everyone really thinks of you.

Lance Hampton used to be normal until a car accident killed him and his parents. Paramedics brought him back to a life he doesn’t want: orphaned, uprooted, living with his uncle, and suddenly able to see how people die. At his new school, he tries to keep to himself. Seeing how complete strangers die is torture enough, let alone friends.
At first glance, Hope doesn’t think much of Lance (though a lot of the other girls do). He looks like the typical bad boy. No thank-you … but then she meets his eyes and everything goes dark. She hears labored breathing. Rapid footsteps. And then a thud as someone falls to the ground. Inside Lance’s head, Hope just witnessed a vision of murder … her own.

Together Hope and Lance try to catch a killer before he’s red-handed. A killer who could be anywhere. Anyone. Sure Hope can read minds and Lance can see death, but they still can’t see in the dark.

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