Mama I'm Not Gone - A Memoir by Dana L. Wood

"Death has nothing to do with going away.  The sun sets, the moon sets but they are not gone" - Rumi

Each and every one of us on this earth, have without a doubt, shared one common experience - the death of a loved one.  When this happens, we wish for one thing - to know that our loved one is safe and okay.  Their energy envelopes us through our conscious thoughts.  From these thoughts, signs and synchronicities appear.  Become aware of these signs and you will be at peace.

This is a story about losing a teenage daughter to cancer and the healing messages that friends and family continue to receive giving undeniable proof that she's with them in spirit.

Whether you believe in the spirit world, heaven, or another realm of existence, if you open your heart to the possibility of contact with your loved one, it may just change your life forever, in the most positive way.