Night Screams - a paranormal romance by Rubianne Wood

A two hundred year old curse is enough to ruin anyone’s vacation.  A road trip with friends seemed like a good way to get over her ex, especially when a new love interest comes along.  That’s what Cecily thought when she agreed to join her brother, but she never expected what she would have to go through to save herself.  Throw in a hidden mansion, a creepy doll, and a banshee and it can be absolutely nerve-racking.  Cecily and her friends attempt to unravel the mystery only to learn that love and hate only grow stronger with time and a grudge that old can be a hard one to break.  When past mistakes catch up to the present, all of their lives are in danger. A deadly banshee is after Cecily and it is up to her to accept her fate or endanger the ones she loves.

Though this book leans more toward the romance than is typical for the author, it still has enough bone-chilling elements to keep the horror lovers satisfied.  Any feedback and honest reviews are appreciated.

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