Redemption in Big Fork Lake - Inspirational fiction by Mary L. Ball

The novel, Redemption in Big Fork Lake faces right on truths because of alcoholism, and the things that can happen in a short span of time. The joy of a drink and a night turns Robert Turner’s life upside down.  Will he accept the help a man he doesn't know offers to give?

With each page, this fiction novel provides the readers with well-researched truths in this story and the life of a man who faces the challenge of trusting the Lord, or giving in to his addiction.
Robert’s life has been on a downhill spiral due to poor choices he’s made. He has a problem with alcohol that started in college. When he wakes up in a hospital room, he realizes his life must change.

As he grows in his faith through returning to church and with the help of AA meetings and his sponsor, he decides that living in Atlanta isn’t the best place for him. He moves to Montgomery, Alabama, and is faced with the one situation he can’t forgive himself for and in his determination to make it right, he may lose the one person in his life who he loves.

Robert Turner struggles with addiction and his redemption in this well- written story laced with a deep and purposeful meaning. With redemption, there is hope.