Silo Saga: Hoarder in the Down Deep - Science Fiction by Marilyn Peake


In Hugh Howey’s SILO SAGA, every girl has a birth control implant placed under her skin upon birth.  No woman is allowed to conceive without winning the lottery, a very special event in the world of those living beneath the ground in a post-apocalyptic silo.  It’s tough for those who desperately want children but fail to win the lottery.

In her Kindle Worlds fan fiction novelette, SILO SAGA: HOARDER IN THE DOWN DEEP, author Marilyn Peake asks the question: what happens if a woman’s birth control implant accidentally fails within the tightly controlled world of silo society?  HOARDER IN THE DOWN DEEP explores how psychological issues and emotional pain can lead to hoarding.  It also explores the mental strain placed on women who have lost control over their own reproductive processes.

When Marilyn Peake emailed Hugh Howey about writing a fan fiction story that would introduce a hoarder into the silo world of his WOOL universe, he quickly wrote back: “Love the idea!”  That made her entire day.  It still makes her smile.  Marilyn is a serious fan of Hugh Howey’s writing.  She’s in awe of his writing skills and the incredible science fiction world he developed in the WOOL, SHIFT, and DUST books of his SILO SAGA.