The Ostrich Race - a contempary family saga / mystery by Simon Birks

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Gordon Paige, retired author, has been running The Ostrich Race for many years. A tradition of his late wife’s family, the Race sees his now extended-family members compete on a monthly basis to win the coveted certificate. But all is not well, and as the year starts, Gordon finds himself with some difficult decisions to make.

Gordon’s wife, Brenda, passed away seven years ago. She was his life, and now all he has to fill the long days are the trials of his children and the Race.

But this year the Ostrich Race is going to be different in more ways than one. This year, along with the regular players both young and old, there’s another, anonymous participant, who seems to know an awful lot about the workings of the competition.
Intrigued by the new entrant, Gordon sets out to track down their identity, meeting with people he hasn’t seen in a very long time, discovering just how much, and how little, some have changed.

During the next twelve months, as the Race and Gordon’s search continues, his life begins to be turned upside down, as he uncovers secret after secret about the past, and the family, he thought he knew so well.

The Ostrich Race is a story about love and family; about the things that break us apart, and the things that bring us back together.