Back-on-Track - a children's book, by L. P. Donnelli

A story that will warm your heart and soul on the cold days and nights, with a smile.  A story not only for children, but for all the family also.

--Back-on-Track-- is a heart-warming and humorous family story of how Mike and his twin sister, Layla, try to make their father happy again. Mike and Layla’s mother died when they were born and Dad finds it hard to always cope on his own. His crazy love for trains helps him, but not all of the time. He feels lonely at times and it is hard as he cannot find a steady job for the family. Food is rationed and largely hazardous with the mold contents. This book tells the story of how Mike and Layla, with the help of colorful characters along the journey, find, or at least attempt to find their father a girlfriend, something which provides lots of comical and surprising results. It is a story with a number of pets inside, equally as vibrant and fun also. A story having the unique combo of trains, lizards and ice creams!

Please climb aboard for a journey of family love, where lashings of laughter will be served along the way.  Full steam ahead!