Unspeakable Prayers - a legal and historical thriller by John Ellsworth


Lodzi Ashstein is a Holocaust survivor who tracks down his tormentor years after World War II. Thaddeus Murfee is the lawyer who defends Lodzi in an American court. The story takes place in the Treblinka death camp of 1942-1943 and modern-day America. While the locales are worlds apart, the crimes you will see and the moral issues presented in court are timeless.

An adventure into the real world of war crimes and contemporary criminal law, setting a new standard for historical thrillers and legal thrillers, UNSPEAKABLE PRAYERS is the riveting story of one survivor’s quest for justice, one girl’s attempt to break free of her past, and one lawyer’s fight to help the broken heal.

"" — Amazon Five Star Review

"You will never forget Lodzi Ashstein from Treblinka, I promise you. And you will never forget the history and courage revealed in his drama.”— John Ellsworth