Cedric the Demonic Knight - a Fantasy Romance novel by Valerie Willis


Cedric the Demonic Knight is the beginning of a series where the author introduces readers to forgotten lores and beliefs. In this first book, readers will be eased into a world of fantasy where werewolves and vampires are only a small portion of what exist.

Love is a luxury to those on the demon hierarchy, but Cedric can't decide if his love for Angeline is genuine. Being half incubus has proven to mislead him and create confusion whether it's his heart or instincts wanting to bed with her. Angeline is horrified to know the knight she has been married off to is far from human as she watches his malicious path to gain power unfold before her. He has spent his life trying to take out his revenge on Romasanta the father of werewolves and his creator the Dark Sorceress Morrighan. In the end, will he choose his vengeance or allow himself to fall in love with his Lady Angeline?

The myths and lores span from the witch-daughters of Calatin, tales of the Russian Knight Heroes, Romanian folklores, and tales of the shag foal. Discover a new, yet old, edge to the supernatural beliefs dating from the Dark Ages and beyond.

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