Celibacy, What Was I Thinking? - a motivational book by Tranea Prosser


Tranea is a plus-sized woman, and she’s not afraid of that subject. In reality, most women in America are plus-sized women, too, and they’re looking for love just like Tranea. If you’re a woman, or you know a woman (which pretty much means anyone reading this article!), then you should consider buying “Celibacy: What Was I Thinking?” as the perfect gift for your friend. The reason? Tranea comes at the subject with a comedic sensibility, while also infusing her Christian faith into the writing, coming across as a fun sister who has been through some tough dating times but held on to Jesus as best she could. Her conversational book will make you laugh out loud, and you might get some tears, too, because Miz T keeps it real.

Perhaps the best part of this book is getting to read her list of qualifications for a man, which changes over time, getting more specific. Here are some key qualifications she’s looking for:

1) Jesus Christ is head of his life and he has a personal, active relationship with Him.
2) He is affectionate.
3) He is compassionate.
4) He is considerate of my needs.
5) He spends quality time with me.
6) He makes me feel important.
7) He is an easy conversationalist.
8) He will let me get involved with his activities.
9) He’s willing to do what it takes to make us work.
10) He doesn’t mind me giving him advice.
11) We work as a team.

Even men can benefit from reading “Celibacy,” because you get a female’s perspective on what she (and most every other woman on the planet) wants in a mate!